Bookings and Timetable
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Carmen Get Fit uses PTminder to schedule group sessions, sell memberships, session passes and The Last Resolution. To get onboard with Carmen Get Fit you will need to create a PTminder profile. PTminder has an app available or you are able to click this link and follow the step by step guide below and how to get invlolved with all things Carmen Get Fit.

How to onboard with Carmen Get Fit

Step 1: Find us at

Step 2: Visit our PTminder profile at

Step 3: Create your own customer profile and link it to Carmen Get Fit

Step 4: Browse our timetable to ensure we have what you are looking for

Step 5: Find a session pass or membership that suits you

Step 6: Book your first class and start your journey

Step 7: Visit this page to see how to attend your first session with us

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