“Right from the start Carmen made me feel so welcome.”

If some extra help or a more personal approach is what you are after. A fully tailored exercise and nutrition regime could be the answer. Carmen Get Fit offers personal training for just this approach. 1 on 1 and up to 4 on 1 if you have friends and family you want to share this journey with Carmen will tailer a package suited just for you.



“I don’t do fads or quick fixes. Live your life changed.” - Carmen

If you are new to fitness, nursing an injury or need a friendly introduction to the fitness world Carmen Get Fit will set you on the right track. Carmen has a wide range of fitness tools available and a wealth of knowledge to go with it. If you are suffering a plateau, can’t seem to achieve your goals or going backwards Carmen will analyse why and set you on the right course.


“Your goals become my goals” – Carmen

Fat loss, muscle gain, and or cardio fitness. Have a wedding, want to fit into summer clothes easier and or want a bikini body. Want to run with your kids, have a healthier safer lifestyle and or need to reduce body fat due to health reasons. Whatever your goal whatever your driver Carmen Get Fit has heard it, lived it and most importantly can help you gain the knowledge so you can make the right choices for yourself. Carmen is not here to judge she is here as a guide.


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