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  • 3 meals a day

  • Intermittent fasting

  • High and low days

  • Increasing fibre intake

  • More waterprotein & whole foods

  • Less refined carbs

  • Lifting heavier


  • Sleep

  • Life balance

Without giving up the things you love!

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What is the Last Resolution?

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What others have achieved

"I just followed the program and totally got there"

You too could acheive a transformation just like this!

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​The time is now to create lifelong habits!

The focus of The Last Resolution is... (Drum roll please) BALANCE.​

The solution lies in knowing that perfection is not required.

The Last Resolution has been written with real lives in mind; it’s not a diet or a challenge that one is on, yet therefore eventually off.

We provide the tools to make lifelong habits that can and will be an easy and happy way to follow ALWAYS.

Imagine having “high days” and or “low days”. On the “low days” we reduce the calories consumed and on “high days” we can eat and drink the things we love - so we don’t have to give up anything!

It’s all about BALANCE. We love the things we love, it’s human nature, so trying to cut these things out is honestly just impossible, not to mention unrealistic. If these things are cut out, it’s usually only temporary (as are the results).

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Whats included

  • Your very own hardcopy and PDF version of The Last Resolution book.

  • Meal planner spreadsheet to assist in estimating your intake for the day or week.

  • Access to our private facebook support group for updates, discussions and other fun things all Last Resolution related (and some not!)

  • Home or gym based exercise plans, meal plans and recipes.

  • Exercise video guides so you can be confident you are performing the exercises set out in The Last Resolution correctly.

  • Once a week zoom meeting to discuss all things Last Resolution.

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